Demand to give protection to Catholic bishop , said – threats from Islamic organizations

Thiruvananthapuram, IAS. Kerala BJP has kept in touch with Union Home Minister Amit Shah looking for assurance to Archbishop Joseph Bishop Kallarangat. The party’s state general secretary and previous bad habit administrator of the All India Minorities Commission, George Kurien, in a letter to Home Minister Amit Shah, has said that the Archbishop of Pala, Joseph Bishop Kallarangat, ought to be given security as he has been transparently undermined by Islamic associations. are being given.
Ruckus over this statement of Bishop Joseph Kallarangat

In fact, Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt said on Wednesday at the Martha Mariam Pilgrim Church in Kuruvilangad in Kottayam district that non-Muslims in Kerala are victims of narcotic jihad. This jihad is of two types – Narcotic Jihad and Love Jihad… Currently Narcotic Jihad is ruining the lives of non-Muslim youth by making them addicted to drugs.

government against bishop

In a letter to the Union Home Minister, BJP state general secretary George Kurien has said that the state Chief Minister and the Leader of the Opposition have come out against the bishop, giving Islamic organizations the power to organize public protests. Kurien said the activities of the Chief Minister and the resistance heads of the state have invigorated the troublesome powers. This is the first run through throughout the entire existence of Kerala that fanatic associations have walked towards the Bishop’s House.

extremists are threatening

The BJP leader said that the extremists involved in the march used abusive words against him near the bishop’s house. Not only this, the extremists have threatened the bishop that he will not be allowed to walk on the road. George Kurien said that the life of the bishop is in danger, so I have requested the Union Home Minister Amit Shah to provide security to Bishop Joseph Kallarangat. It may be known that V Muraleedharan, Union Minister of State for External Affairs and former state BJP President of Kerala, had recently said that BJP will give full security to the bishop.

Bishop’s statement Voice of the affected communities

BJP national spokesperson Tom Vadakkan said in Delhi, “Bishop Kallarengat has not only alerted the people, but he has also raised the voice of the communities which are suffering from love jihad and narcotic terrorism. The Kerala Bishops’ Council is also of the view that the state government did not take cognizance of the inter-linkage of drugs and love jihad, despite information from intelligence agencies.

Conflict escalated between BJP and Congress

According to news agency PTI, the dispute between Kerala BJP and Congress increased on this issue on Sunday. Senior Congress leader K. Muraleedharan told the media that his party was not attacking the bishop. Just telling about his mistakes. The party neither wants communal violence in the state nor does it want to give an opportunity to the Sangh Parivar to establish a foothold. On this, BJP state president K. Surendran said Bishop’s remarks were against terrorism, but Congress and CPI(M) are now attacking him. This is not acceptable at all.

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