History of Samajwadi Party

History of Samajwadi Party :- 25 years ago, after separating from the Samajwadi Janata Party, Hon’ble Mulayam Singh Ji formed a new party, then SJP President Chandrashekhar accused him of cheating because of his ambition. Mulayam Singh said that he was troubled by Chandrashekhar’s growing closeness with Congress. In these 25 years, his party formed the government thrice in Uttar Pradesh and remained at the center of central politics. This is no small feat for a new party. Mulayam Singh Ji was confused by the political turmoil that lasted from 1989 to 1992. New intrigues were being hatched all the time. He took a tough stand in Mandal and Mandir matters. First, he broke away from VP Singh’s Janata Dal and joined Chandrashekhar’s SJP. Saved the government in Uttar Pradesh by taking the support of the Congress. But the first sign of differences with Chandrashekhar came when the then Communications Minister Janeshwar Mishra resigned from Chandrashekhar’s cabinet. Janeshwar was known as Chhote Lohia and was also close to Mulayam Singh Ji. Mulayam Singh Ji was also restless that Rajiv Gandhi used to repeatedly say that Chandrashekhar was an old Congressman, he would join the Congress anytime.
After Rajiv’s death, Chandrashekhar became close to the then Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao. He often went to Rao’s house for tea. Three of his four MPs did not vote on the no-confidence motion against the Rao government. Chandrasekhar, a supporter of Rao, was left alone. Mulayam Singh Ji decided to find his way. He went to the MLA residence of his friend Bhagwati Singh in Darulshafa, held long meetings with his colleagues, and made plans for the future. Colleagues intimidated – It is not easy to form a party alone. Even if it is made, it will not be easy to run. Mulayam Singh Ji used to say, “We gather and offer cash to them. Then, at that point Devi Lal, Chandrashekhar, VP Singh, and so on guide us, what to say. We will make our own particular manner.” Finally, in September 1992, Mulayam broke ties with the SJP. On October 4, he announced the formation of the Samajwadi Party in Lucknow. On November 4 and 5, he organized the party’s first national convention at Begum Hazrat Mahal Park. Mulayam Singh Ji became the president of the SP, Janeshwar Mishra as the vice-president, Kapil Dev Singh and Mohammad Azam Khan became the general ministers of the party. Mohan Singh was appointed as the spokesperson. But Beni Prasad Verma got upset due to not getting any posts and sat at home. Did not come to the conference. Mulayam Singh persuaded him by going home and brought him to the conference.

Foundation of SP-BSP alliance: – Just a month after the formation of the Samajwadi Party, the biggest political event of the country took place. The kar sevaks demolished the Babri Masjid. The whole country has become BJP-like. During this, the bone of Mulayam Singh’s leg was broken. He sat on the lawn of his house in January-February, contemplating the future of the party. Make new strategies all the time. Meanwhile, a by-election to the Lok Sabha was held in his home district, Etawah. Bahujan Samaj Party President Kanshi Ram filed the form. The SP candidate was Mulayam Singh’s old ally – Ram Singh Shakya. In this election, Mulayam Singh Ji campaigned secretly against his own party’s candidate Shakya and won Kanshi Ram. From there both felt that the “backward and Dalits” would have to come together to take on the Congress and the BJP. And the foundation of the SP-BSP alliance was laid. Earlier, BSP used to win eight to ten seats in UP. In 1993, the BSP won 67 seats by forming an alliance with the SP. Kanshi Ram made party vice president Mayawati in charge of Uttar Pradesh, she started running the entire government indirectly.
Mayawati’s indirect rule is not acceptable to Mulayam: Mayawati would have dictated to Mulayam Singh Ji. Mulayam Singh Ji did not accept this at all. He first broke the MLAs of Janata Dal, CPM and CPI and then slammed the BSP to make his own majority. Mayawati withdrew support. It is said that to ‘scare’ Mayawati, the State Guest House incident took place on June 2, 1995. The SP men allegedly attacked Mayawati and forcibly took away 12 BSP MLAs. With the help of BSP, the government was formed. In half of Mulayam Singh Ji mind, there is socialism, politics, etc. and in the rest only crime. This is the reason why he not only brought criminals to politics but also got recognition.

Defense Minister at the Centre: – Meanwhile, Mulayam Singh Ji became an MP. Became Defense Minister at the Center and if Lalu Yadav had not protested, it is quite possible that Mulayam Singh Ji would have been the Prime Minister instead of Inder Kumar Gujral after the fall of Deve Gowda’s government. During this time Mulayam Singh Ji got Amar Singh’s support. Money and glamor became an integral part of SP. During the election campaign in 1999, Mulayam Singh ji had only one advice to his candidates – take this five lakh rupees. Increase twenty promotional carts from tomorrow. Don’t save money out of it because if you lose because of less publicity then no one will ask for even two paise. And if you win, there will be no shortage of money for the rest of your life.
In 2003, SP formed the government in UP: – In 2003, SP once again formed the government in UP, while it had neither majority nor support of any party. Mulayam Singh Ji once again broke the BSP. The right thing was done with the deal with BJP. As per Amar Singh’s pact with Pramod Mahajan, the BJP walked out on the confidence motion. Mahajan felt that Mulayam Singh ji minority Will come with BJP. But after the murder of Mahajan in 2006, the condition of BJP in UP became very bad.
Benefits to the BSP in the 2007 elections: There was a tremendous wave against the SP in the 2007 elections. But BSP got its advantage instead of BJP and Mayawati once again became the Chief Minister. Amar Singh once again became the emissary of the SP and after the withdrawal of support of the Left parties from the Manmohan Singh government in 2009, he saved the UPA government through the support of the SP during the no-confidence motion on the civil nuclear deal with America. Then everyone from Ram Gopal Yadav to Akhilesh stood up against Amar Singh’s growing dominance in the SP. Despite not wanting Mulayam Singh ji, Amar Singh ji had to be expelled by the party.
Election was won in 2012 by making Akhilesh the President of Yuvjan Sabha: – After completing two terms of Bahujan Samaj Party in Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh was made the President of Samajwadi Yuvjan Sabha and contested the 2012 assembly elections under his leadership. Party’s three times The Chief Minister was Dhartiputra Ma. Believing in the old works of Mulayam Singh Yadav, the people of the state came to power in March 2012 by giving a clear majority. Akhilesh became the Chief Minister after rejecting the objections of Uncle Shivpal. But half incomplete. His father, uncle and other senior leaders kept interfering in the administration. They kept working quietly. First of all, this government started giving many schemes and unemployment allowance to its close and special people from Kanya Vidya Dhan Yojana to distribution of laptops in terms of vote bank. After this, he started distributing the honorary post of Minister of State in various departments and corporations to his special men. Various well known and partisan recruitments started being made for police accountants, teachers etc. The tainted are being glorified. The ravadis have started to be distributed. Terrorists and mafia caught by security agencies are being freed from jails. Government machinery is being misused to stop the investigation of the acts of many others like Yadav Singh, accused in corruption of thousands and crores. People with personal influence like Anil Yadav have been made chairman of State Public Service Commission and Secondary Education Service Commission. Their partisan decisions have not only been criticized but the government has also been completely disgraced. Various facilities have been given to people like Amarmani and Raja Bhaiya. Efforts are being made to fool and trick the courts. The High Courts of Lucknow, Allahabad and the Hon’ble Supreme Court have had to intervene time and again. There was reprimand and no advice has been accepted from him. Cases have been advocated by employing expensive and well-known lawyers of the country like Shri Ramjeth Malani and Kapil Sibal etc. Time and again the government has been reprimanded by the honorable courts. Populist schemes of development from expressway to metro were also successfully completed. Hon’ble Mulayam Singh ji on many occasions not only Mr. Akhilesh ji has been scolded, but has taught his workers, ministers and MLAs a lesson to learn from the conduct of Modi ji and BJP workers. The common people are fully aware of the upheaval that has been going on for the last two to three months. There is no compelling reason to make reference to it independently. Amar Singh got back to the party a half year prior and whatever occurred after that will be recognized as a paramount section throughout the entire existence of the Samajwadi Party.

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