That One Word Spoken By Feroze Gandhi, Because Of Which Indira Gandhi Did Not Even Want To See Her Face

Indira Gandhi and Feroze Gandhi whenever the names of these two leaders are taken together. Along with the love story of both, the rift and bitterness in their relationship are also discussed. It is said that both Firoz and Indira knew each other for a long time, but love blossomed between the two much later. In the beginning, Feroze Gandhi was very impressed by Indira’s wisdom. He proposed to Indira for marriage. In the famous biography of Feroze Gandhi, ‘Feroz: The Forgotten Gandhi’, Bartil Falk has written openly on many aspects related to the life of Feroze Gandhi.

Pandit Nehru disliked Indira and Feroze’s closeness, both knew each other long ago but while studying in London, Feroze and Indira came close to each other and later decided to get married. However, Indira’s father Jawaharlal Nehru had objections to the relationship between the two, and Indira Gandhi’s health was cited as the reason behind it. When Indira proposed marriage to Firoz in front of her father Nehru, he reminded her of the doctors’ advice and told Indira what could be the problems after marriage. However, Indira did not listen to her father and married Feroze Gandhi, a Gujarati Parsi, in 1942.

Due to these reasons, the distance between the two started increasing. After a few days of marriage, the relationship between Indira and Feroze was not as hot as before. He was likewise President of especially after the introduction of Rajiv and Sanjay, the distance between the two began increasing.e State Congress. ‘Feroz: The Forgotten Gandhi’, Bartil Faulk writes, ‘The tussle between Indira and Feroze started in 1955 when Indira left her home in Lucknow with her two children and came to her father’s house in Allahabad’ and in the same year Indira Gandhi first Bar had also become a member of the Congress Working Committee and the Central Election Committee, but when Firoz raised the issue of corruption within the party, the relationship between the two became more bitter.

In front of Pandit Nehru, Indira was told ‘tyrant’ Firoz had already recognized the ‘tyrant tendency’ of wife Indira and he did not hesitate to say it. In 1959, Indira Gandhi wanted President’s rule to be imposed in Kerala by removing the elected government. During that time she was not only the President of Congress, but she also used to run in the government. In such a situation, one morning at the breakfast table, Firoz even called Indira a ‘fascist’. Indira’s father Jawaharlal Nehru was also present there at that time. After this, Indira did not even like to see Firoz.

Firoz proved to be right! Firoz said goodbye to the world on 8 September 1960, a few years before his birthday, but after his death, the talk of calling Indira Gandhi a dictator proved to be correct. In 1975, Indira imposed an emergency to save her chair. During this, those who opposed Indira were put in jail and there was a period of the arbitrariness of the government in the whole country. Citizens’ rights were taken away. Which is still remembered as black day

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