The British Had To Leave India When Venkataraman Came Out After Being Locked In The Detention Center For Two Years

R Venkataraman’s name is recorded with great respect in the list of people who took the country towards progress. Venkataraman, who got into the movements against the British, studied advocacy with Arthashastra to get people out of jail. Venkataraman, who had become a grit for the British in Madras, was kept in a detention center for two years. When he came out, the British had to leave India and flee. He reached the highest post of the country through many ministries. In his journey till becoming the President, many interesting developments made a place in his life. On the occasion of Venkataraman’s death anniversary, let’s take a look at his interesting life.

Next Celebs were taking the first read -born December 4, 1910, Tamil Brahmin family Pottukutti village in Thanjavur district in the Madras Presidency Ramaswamy Venkataraman was extremely talented. Venkataraman, a rich intellect, used to read the books of his next class in his early class itself. Due to his close friendship with books, he was counted among the most talked about and promising children of his school.

Buland’s voice was imprisoned behind bars, during his youth, he joined the freedom movement. According to experts, during this time he would decide the strategies to make the movement vocal by raising slogans against the British by becoming a part of the daily march. Once during the agitation, the soldiers pelted sticks on him. Many people like him got hurt, many people were presented in the then civil court for the trial, many people had to go behind the bars for not getting good lawyers to defend them. It is said that due to this, Venkataraman was caught and put in the detention center in 1942. Here he stayed for two years.

This incident deeply influenced the thinking of Venkataraman, who became a lawyer to teach a lesson to the British . Venkataraman, who had the goal of studying economics, decided to practice law. Venkataraman earned a master’s degree in economics from Loyola College and also a law degree from the Law College Madras. To help the people who participated in the movement, he started practicing in the civil court and became the secretary of the Madras Provincial Federation. After some time in 1935, he became a prominent lawyer practicing in the Madras High Court, and in 1951 he also became a lawyer in the Supreme Court.

Transformation in Industry and Railways Given Venkataraman’s leadership abilities and his work, he was elected as a member of the country’s first parliament from 1947 to 1950. After this, he was the Secretary of Congress from 1953 to 1954. In 1967, Venkataraman was made a member of the Planning Commission. During this, he transformed while working in many departments including railways, road transport, industry.

Venkataraman, who became famous for his policies and vision through the ministries of finance, defense, home, was made the finance minister in Indira Gandhi’s government in 1980. Venkataraman was appointed Defense Minister in 1982 during the second term of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. As Defense Minister, Venkataraman worked to develop military weapons and solve the basic problems of the army. Venkataraman, who was one of the prominent leaders of the country, also became the Home Minister and in 1984 became the seventh Vice President of the country. In 1987, he was appointed as the eighth President of the country under Rajiv Gandhi’s government.

Venkataraman, who started his life like a common man admitted to the army hospital, earned a name everywhere due to his eloquence, intelligence, and decision-making skills. Venkataraman was admitted to the Army Hospital in Delhi in 2009 after he complained of urosepsis. Venkataraman, who was admitted for about 15 days in the hospital, died on 27 January 2009. Venkataraman has authored more than a dozen books on various subjects like industry development, association with the Gandhi family. Many authors have also written books on Venkataraman

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