The Political Journey Of HD Deve Gowda Is Interesting , Fulfilled The Promise Made To The Farmer Father And Became The Prime Minister,

The political journey of HD Deve Gowda, who was sworn in as the 11th Prime Minister of the country in 1996, has been exciting with lots of ups and downs. He traveled from the son of a simple farmer to becoming the Prime Minister of the country. HD Deve Gowda’s 87th birthday today. Let us know about some interesting stories of his life.

Childhood, Promise and Politics HD Deve Gowda, who gave a new height to the politics of Karnataka, was born on 18 May 1933 in an ordinary family of Karnataka. HD Deve Gowda’s father Dode Gowda was a farmer and used to cultivate paddy. The father did not want his son to become a farmer and spend his life in the fields like him. When HD Deve Gowda got admission in civil engineering, his father took a promise from him to make such a name that he would become the most talked-about personality of the country. He later fulfilled the promise given to his father by becoming the Prime Minister.

An early marriage to save from politics, before becoming the Prime Minister of the country, HD Deve Gowda started becoming a part of political movements, then the family members felt that the son should not go to jail instead of taking care of the house. The marriage was soon done to tie the son into worldly life. Even after marriage, HD Deve Gowda did not stop and in 1953 entered politics by joining Congress. During his 9 years in the Congress, he became a well-known leader.

HD Deve Gowda won the election 7 consecutive times , when he separated in 1962, he filled the form as an independent in the assembly elections. HD Deve Gowda surprised those who did not expect his victory by becoming an MLA. After winning the Holenarasipura seat, HD Deve Gowda started a flurry of development works in this area. For this reason, he continued to win from this seat in the next 6 assembly elections as well.

HD Deve Gowda became a big name in Karnataka politics when he left the Congress and went to the Janata Party and became an MLA for 7 consecutive times. He left Congress and joined Janata Party. He was also the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly from 1972 to 1977. During this, he was also elected the state president of the Janata Party in Karnataka for 2 times. Between 1983 and 1988, when the Janata Party government was formed in Karnataka, he became a minister.

The coin of HD Deve Gowda , who became the Chief Minister of Karnataka, went on in Karnataka politics in such a way that it did not stop again. Under his leadership, the Janata Party contested the 1994 assembly elections and won the election with an edge. HD Deve Gowda, who was the hero of this victory, became the 14th Chief Minister of Karnataka for the first time.

HD Deve Gowda became the Prime Minister of the country In 1996, despite getting only 46 Lok Sabha seats, the country became the 12th Prime Minister. In fact, the main parties BJP and Congress were far from a majority. Under the banner of United Front, 13 parties including Janata Dal supported HD Deve Gowda for the post of Prime Minister. In the end, Congress supported HD Deve Gowda becoming the Prime Minister. Thus, as the leader of the Janata Party, he had only 46 seats.

Son is also a big player of politics Former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda is currently away from politics. His son HD Kumaraswamy leads the Janata Dal-Secular, the party led by him in Karnataka. Kumar Swamy has been the Chief Minister of Karnataka. HD Revanna, the second son of HD Deve Gowda, is a member of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly

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