Which MP Will Sit Where In The Lok Sabha, It Is Decided By This Formula

You must have seen the live telecast of the proceedings of the Lok Sabha, in which you must have noticed which MPs are sitting in which places or which well-known leaders are sitting around them. In such a situation, most people would think that perhaps on the basis of coming early or on the basis of friendship among themselves, MPs sit in the house but it is not so, today we are going to tell you which MP will sit where, how it is decided. . Prime Minister Narendra Modi will take oath as the Prime Minister for the second time on May 30. After this, the first session of the 17th Lok Sabha can start from June 5 or 6.

How is the House Lok Sabha is divided into 6 blocks which are on the right, left, and front of the speaker’s seat? MPs have their seats in these blocks and there is a gallery in the middle. There are 11 lines in each block whose seats are covered by green color. The officers of the Secretariat, including the General Secretary of the Lok Sabha, sit on the bench immediately below the Speaker, who helps the Speaker to run the House smoothly. Along with this, he also keeps a record of the proceedings of the day. There are 97-97 seats in the 2 blocks to the right and left of the speaker, 89-89 seats in the remaining 4 blocks in the front. One seat is earmarked for each MP, but a minister, even if he is not a member of the Lok Sabha, can still sit in the House during the discussion.

This is the seat formula. Speakers decide their seating area on the basis of the number of members of any party. A formula is used for this, in which the total number of seats held by a party or coalition is multiplied by the total number of seats in that line. The number that comes after this is divided by the total number of Lok Sabha. To understand this formula, we understand NDA from the 353 seats it got this time. This time, if the total seats won by NDA is multiplied by the total seats in the first line and then divided by the total number, the result is 12.83. In terms of integers, this time 13 NDA MPs will get a place in the front row.

Importance of Seniority This formula is applicable only to a party with 5 or more seats. If the number of members of a party is less than 5, then the speaker and the leader of the party decide the seat of their sitting by mutual consent. The Speaker can place a member of a party in the first line keeping in view the seniority. Last Samajwadi Party’s Mulayam Singh HD Deve Gowda Yadav and JD went to the place in the front line, while his party was not provided numbers deserve a further line

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