Youngest Prime Minister Was Killed In A Bomb Blast , Rajiv Gandhi’s Dead Body Was Recognized By Lotto Shoes,

Rajiv Gandhi, who was called the father of the technology and information revolution in the country, had inherited politics. The mild-mannered Rajiv Gandhi was made the Prime Minister after the assassination of his mother Indira Gandhi. On this day on 21 May 1999, Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in a bomb blast under the conspiracy. Rajiv’s body was identified from the piece of his shoe.

Became Youngest Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, the sixth Prime Minister of the country, was the youngest PM. Born on 20 August 1944 in Mumbai, Rajiv Gandhi was a gentleman of nature. He also earned a commercial pilot degree in India after graduating from London. Rajiv Gandhi, who was away from politics, was made the Prime Minister in 1984 after the assassination of his mother Indira Gandhi.

Rajiv Gandhi, called the father of the information and communication revolution, showed the country a new direction of development during his tenure and developed in the field of technology. He is also called the father of the information technology and communication revolution. At the request of the Sri Lankan government, Rajiv Gandhi took the initiative to bring the LTTE militants back on track and got involved.

LTTE militants attacked for the first time LTTE chief V Prabhakaran considered Rajiv Gandhi as his enemy and became vocal against him. Rajiv Gandhi, who arrived in Sri Lanka in 1987, was taking guard of honor from the marines when a supporter of LTTE attacked Rajiv Gandhi. This was the first time a Prime Minister had been openly attacked.


When Rajiv Gandhi reached the Marines during the guard of honor, when Rajiv Gandhi, who survived the attack, suddenly attacked with the butt of his gun. However, a jawan guarding Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi thwarted the attack and saved Rajiv. The sailor was arrested and court-martialed.

On the black day of May 21, when the LTTE came out openly against Rajiv Gandhi, started making plans for his assassination. On 21 May 1991, the LTTE succeeded in its dangerous plan when Rajiv Gandhi arrived in Perumbudur, Tamil Nadu to attend a rally. Here a pro-LTTE woman suicide garlanded Rajiv Gandhi and blew herself up

Rajiv’s identity from the lotto shoes and watch, this incident shook the whole world. India’s sixth Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was killed in a bomb blast and his body was shattered into several pieces. Rajiv Gandhi was identified by his lotto shoes and watch. On 21 May 1991, the country’s most progressive young prime minister was assassinated. This incident still shakes the whole world. On the death anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi, people from all over the world are paying tribute.

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